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 JVC KB-303

The KB-303 is nearly the same as the KB-300.  It was not an attempt to make a more bass orientated machine, as the name might suggest due to it's similarities to Roland's famous (or infamous!) TB-303.  The service manual gives the following table as the major differences from the KB-300:
KB-300 KB-303
Cabinet Black and white plastic case The external appearance has been changed and the case is black plastic
AC power supply Built-in type Supplied AC adaptor
Power cord Supplied None
Owner's manual Book type Folded sheet type
Song book Supplied None

Other differences that I know of are:

Weight: 5.8 kg / 12.8 lb (without batteries)

Dimensions: 860(w) x 288(d) x 103(h) mm

Power Consumption: 12 W (with battery) / 14 W (with AC)

Other than that it is assumed infomation that appears on the KB-300 page also applies to the KB-303.

The KB series all seem to have a suffix of either B, N or H.  The 303 had an A model as well though.  The only difference is the AC adapter the model uses as shown is the table below.  I assume the difference between B and H is 50Hz and 60Hz versions.
Type AC adapter model no. Voltage
KB-303B  KB-A10B 240V
KB-303H  KB-A10H 240V
KB-303N  KB-A10N 220V
KB-303A  KB-A10A 127 / 220V


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