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Lowrey Micro Genie V-60
Lowrey Micro Genie V-60
The V-60 is the equivalent to the JVC KB-300/303, except annoyingly they've taken away the fill-in function!  I noticed when I opened it up there is even a space on the circuit board where the fill-in switch is on the KB-303/300.

The V-60 is the younger sibling of the JVC KB-500.  The choices of main melody sound gets reduced from 10 to 8, the number of beats also goes from, 10 to 8. There's no Compucorder or mic input but apart from that it's pretty similar.  Although playing them next to each I have noticed subtle differences in the sound.  This is for 2 reasons. Firstly some the tones sound a little different, on one machine a tone might have more vibrato, or a different release time than on the other.  The other way is just the overall character of the sound.  The V-60 is a little more clearer and bassier.  I'm not sure why this is, they both use JVC's POTS chip to make their sounds and even have the same JVC internal speakers.

Things I learnt from opening my V-60:
- Date markings suggest my unit was manufactured september '83.
- The main board (SMK 26) in my unit seems to be version D.
- I couldn't see any trim pots in there to tweak, if there are any they must be very hard to get to.

Also notice the difference between the two labels below.  Could this difference be because one was for the U.S. market (the upper one) and the other for the Australian market (the lower one, which is mine)?


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