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 JVC KB-300

The KB-300 is the baby of the series; it has the least features.

Keys: 49

Orchestral Presets: (8) string ensemble, piano, organ, vibraphone, clarinet, harpsichord, jazz organ, jazz flute

Effects: ultra chord, ensemble/stereo, sustain

Auto Rhythm: start & stop, synchro start, intro & fill in, tempo, rhythm volume, tempo lamp

Rhythm Selectors: (8) waltz, samba, rock, swing, tango, bossa nova, disco, polka/march

Fascinating Chord : 3 modes (normal, one finger, multi-finger), chord memory, accomp volume, bass volume, arpeggio volume

Back Panel: expression pedal terminal, output terminals (left and right), headphone terminal, DC in, AC in

Speakers: 12 cm x 2

Amplifier Output: 2.5 W x 2

Weight: 6.2 kg / 13.7 lb (without batteries)

Dimensions: 860(w) x 290(d) x 89(h) mm

Power Consumption: 27 W

Battery Life: 3 hours of continuous operation at maximum output

Battery type: D x 8 (aka R20)

Provided Accessories: AC cord, owner's manual
Optional Accessories: KC-10 soft carrying case, KS-10 stand, KX-10 expression pedal, KX-20 expression pedal, CN-332 Car Adapter (for powering the unit from a car)

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