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JVC KB-600
Very much like the KB-800 only with reduced features.  Due to the similarities much of the info on the KB-800 is relevant to the KB-600.

Keys: 49

Orchestral Presets:
1st: (6) organ, jazz organ, jazz flute, clarinet, piano, vibraphone
2nd: (4) string ensemble, brass ensemble, harpsichord, vocal ensemble

Effects: sustain, ultra chord, ensemble/tremolo

Full PCM Stereo Rhythm:
Basic rhythms: (14 x 4 variations = 56) waltz, polka, march, samba, latin, bossa nova, rock'n roll, rock 1, tango, disco, rock
2, reggae, slow rock, swing, shuffle rock, custom rhythm 1 & 2 (with KE-10 only, see accessories for more info)
Switches: start/stop, synchro start, intro/ fill in, hand clap/tambourine, manual drums, tempo control

Fascinating Chord: normal, one finger, multi finger, chord memory, key transpose, key split

Digital Sequencer:
intro/fill in (4 variations per rhythm)
rhythm (4 variations per rhythm)
bass (4 variations per rhythm)
rhythm accompaniment (4 variations per rhythm)
arpeggio (4 variations)
melody compose (300 notes with KQ-10, 1000 with KE-10, see accessories for more info)
compose, clear, solo, orchestra

Compucorder: (each selector represents 1 song)
selector 1 (48 bars)
selector 2 (48 bars)
selector 3 (32 bars)
chord record, sequence record (fill in / rhythm / bass / accomp / arpeggio / melody), replay

Custom Setting Memory: 2 memories each stores -
orchestral presets, orchestra split on/off, effects (sustain, ensemble/tremolo, ultra chord), key split, chord memory, normal/
one finger / multi finger

Other controls: master volume, orchestra volume, accomp volume, arpeggio volume, bass volume, rhythm volume

Back Panel: AC in, voltage selector, aux out r/l, aux in r/l, exp pedal, headphones, mic in, mic volume, main pitch, midi in, midi out, guitar strumboard in

Speakers: 12 cm x 2

Amplifier Output: 2.5 W x 2

Weight: 6.8 kg / 15 lb

Dimension: 860(w) x 291(d) x 93(h)  mm

Power Consumption: 34 W

Power Supply: AC 120/220/240 V switchable, 50/60 Hz

Provided Accessories: AC cord, owner's manual, KQ-10 digital sequencer
Optional Accessories: KC-10 soft carrying case, KS-10 keyboard stand, KX-20 expression pedal, KG-10 guitar strumboard, KE-10 digital composer

Notes on KQ-10 and KE-10: These carts use the same slot on the KB-600.  However the KE-10 adds the ability to use 2 custom memories for fascinating chord (ie to create 2 of your own styles for auto accompaniment).  The KE-10 also increases the total memory capacity of the compucorder function (a simple sequencer) from 300 to 1000 notes.

click on above picture to see larger picture of the front panel

Sound Files
kb600_01.mp3 2:12, 1.01mb
Thanks to Donato for contributing this great track. The track opens with arpeggio variation 4 which we think might be malfunctioning, if in a pretty cool way.  It seems to pick random notes from within the chord.  Certainly the KB-800 does not do this.


The first pic is a KB-600 with a Korg EX-800

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