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JVC Related
Homepage von Johannes Vrana

Website with some very very cool JVC catalogues. Also KB-500 and KB-800 manuals in PDF format. Click the "Bedienungsanleitungen / Manuals" link.

Yokohama Music Studio
Includes a Virtual Museum about JVC/Victor keyboard instruments. Has information about the mysterious "Concert Victron".

Victron Story

Great Japanese site including information about "Victron Concours".

"Beerspillage" - Kenspark New 1 June 2008
Beer spilt on a KB-800 and repaired. Great track on youtube heavily featuring this instrument.

Alan Haven - Collectors Item
New 1 June 2008
M-1210 demonstration album re-released on CD.

legoluft – Diverse
New 1 June 2008
Mp3s of circuit bent JVCs.

Lowrey Organ Company
The official Lowrey site.

Huge web ring for organs.

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