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Update History

Please note some links below will not work due to URL changes.

Victron area is currently being updated.

1st june 2008: General clean up of links page, and added three external links (Kenspark clip, M-1210 CD and circuit bent mp3s).
4th july 2005: Updated General Info and Links pages.
8th february 2004: Updated these pages KB-808, V-105, V-600.
11th august 2003: Victron organ section updated as follows main page, unknown, G-250, G-310, G-350, G-410. Also some Japanese sites added to the links page.
5th february 2003: Added the first NS-70 mp3!
23rd january 2003: Updated NS Series page including a scan of a NS-50/70 catalogue.
29th december 2002: Added Victron M-880 organ page.
29th november 2002: Added the misc models page.
28th november 2002: Added pictures of the special silver KB-500.
2nd november 2002: Added link to which includes scans of some very cool JVC catalogues.
11th september 2002: Added information to the General Info page as well as doing some tidying up and restructuring of that page.
18th august 2002: Added link for the KB-500 manual in PDF format.
27th july 2002: Added V-120 mp3.
4th june 2002: Added KB-600 mp3 courtesy of Donato.
31st may 2002: Added KB-500 mp3s.
5th november 2001: site officially launched!

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