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This is a collection of all the mp3s to be found on the site.

JVC KB-500
KB-500 Styles 0:39, 270kb
2 bars of each style in the following order: waltz, samba, bossa nova, rock, swing, tango, rhumba, slow rock, disco, polka march.
KB-500 Rock example 0:54, 374kb
An example of rock in use.  The first melody is with Jazz Organ (mp3 process gave it a slight buzzing sound), the second is Harpsichord.  Both melodies have ultra chord, ensemble, stereo and sustain on them.  I've made use of the volume sliders to cut parts in or out.
KB-500 Disco example 1:00, 410kb
An example of disc in use.  Again I've cut parts in and out, also changed to "polka march" to give some fill-in type effects.

JVC KB-600
kb600_01.mp3 2:12, 1.01mb
Thanks to Donato for contributing this great track. The track opens with arpeggio variation 4 which we think might be malfunctioning, if in a pretty cool way.  It seems to pick random notes from within the chord.  Certainly the KB-800 does not do this.

JVC KB-800
KB-800 Demo
Well as you can hear by this track my live playing skills are nothing special, but I think it does do a good job of showcasing the styles and patterns on the KB. The track was produced only with a KB-800 by playing it "live", there is no MIDI or outboard gear used, although I may have run it thought EQ, can't remember now.

KB-800_Showcase.mp3 7:52 / 1.77MB
KB-800_Showcase_high_quality.mp3 7:52 / 3.54MB
Solo Synthe filter mod
It is possible to open the JVC and adjust trim pots.  Most of the sounds have a filter trim pot. The files below are some short examples of adjusting the Solo Synthe filter pot with a screw driver.  I've thought about installing knobs so these filter sweeps can always be accessed but I'll probably buy a second JVC if I do this, I don't want to hack up my precious KB-800!
WARNING!: Don't open up your keyboard unless you know what you are doing. Doing so can give you a serious or fatal electric shock.  You can die.
KB-800_filter_hack_1.mp3 129kb
KB-800_filter_hack_2.mp3 46kb
KB-800_filter_hack_3.mp3 55kb
KB-800_filter_hack_4.mp3 82kb
Lowrey V-120
v120_01.mp3 1:15, 590kb
An example of the auto accompaniment patterns in use.  As with most of my mp3s on this site I have made creative use of volume faders, changing variations, etc.  Note there is a small crackle when the arpeggio comes in due to a bad slider.

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