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KB-800 Specifications +Accessories
KE-10 Digital Composer (cartridge)
Lets you select 1 of the 4 variations for Arpeggio, Accomp, Bass, Rhythm, Intro / Fill in. Also stores the 2 songs and 2 custom rhythm patterns. You could buy extra carts and built up a library. I'm guessing the KQ-10 would also work with the KB-800. 
Owner's Manual (SMA1108)
I have a different version of the owner's manual which came with my service manual. It says "KB-800" on the front but has a KB-600 pictured, the catalogue number on the back is SMA1095 which I assume is the KB-600 manual number.  In this version the specifications list has been replaced by a useful tip
Song Book (SMA1120)
The songs are: Bach De Rock / Camptown Races / Down by the Riverside / Greensleeves / La Cucaracha / Londonderry Air / My Bonnie / The House of the Rising Sun / Tom Dooley
Registration Chart (SMA1109)
Shows settings for each song in the song book listed above.
KF-10 Footswitch (Lowrey version is KF-100)
Used to access the "Magic Foot" options, they being Intro Fill in / Bend / Sustain / Start+Stop
Questionnaires (SMA9039)
Available in several languages
KG-10 Guitar Strumboard
I've never used one of these. Here's what the manual has to say though: The optional KG-10 Guitar Strumboard lets you trigger the timing of accompaniment chords of the KB-800/ like a rhythm guitar or harp arpeggio.  This "6-string" instrument uses one of the KB-800's accompaniment voices (including ORCHESTRAL PRESETS when ORCHESTRAL SPLIT is used) as the sound source. This optional unit is ideal for ensemble play with someone who cannot play a keyboard.

KS-10 Keyboard Stand
KC-20 Carrying Case
KX-20 Expression Pedal  (Lowrey version is KX-200)
Controls master volume
KX-10 Expression Pedal  (I'm not aware of a Lowrey version)
Not sure if this will work with the KB-800
Service Manual (8508S.P.)      


Keys: 61

Orchestral Presets
1st: (8) organ, jazz organ, electric piano, trumpet, jazz flute, clarinet, piano, vibraphone
2nd: (6) string ensemble, brass ensemble, harpsichord, vocal ensemble, synthesizer tone, hawaiian guitar
Switches: orchestra split, accompaniment selector

Solo Synthe Presets
Voices: (8) trumpet, trombone, pan flute, oboe, saxophone, synthesizer tone, piano, guitar
Switches: solo cancel, solo to arpeggio, solo to bass

Digital Effector
Switches: delay, echo, flanger, long/short (effects delay, echo and flanger)
Send Levels: bass, arpeggio, rhythm accompaniment, accompaniment (uses one of the two orchestral presets), orchestra, solo

Custom Memory
2 memories, each stores the following: orchestral preset, orchestral split on/off, digital effector (delay, echo, flanger, long/short), effects (orchestra sustain, organ tremolo), ultra chord (open, closed), magic foot (intro/fill in, bend, sustain,
start/stop), fascinating chord (normal/one finger/multi finger, chord memory, key split)

Switches: orchestra sustain on/off, organ tremolo
Controls: orchestra sustain level, bass sustain level
Ultra Chord: closed, open
Magic Foot (ie foot switch): intro/fill-in, bend, sustain, start/stop

Full PCM Stereo Rhythm
Basic rhythms: (14 x 4 variations = 56) waltz, polka, march, samba, latin, bossa nova, rock 'n roll, rock 1, tango, disco, rock 2, reggae, slow rock, swing, shuffle rock
Switches: start/stop, synchro start, intro/ fill in, hand clap/tambourine, manual drums, custom rhythm 1, custom rhythm 2, tempo control (30~240bpm)

Fascinating Chord: normal, one finger, multi finger, chord memory, key transpose, key split, bass/extra bass selector, guitar / piano rhythm accompaniment voice selector

Digital Sequencer:
intro/fill in (4 variations per rhythm)
rhythm (4 variations per rhythm)
bass (4 variations per rhythm)
rhythm accompaniment (4 variations per rhythm)
arpeggio (4 variations)
melody compose
2 tracks: compose, clear, solo, orchestra

Compucorder (each selector represents 1 song, can be chained to form 1 song)
Selector 1 (80 bars)
Selector 2 (80 bars)
chord record, variation record (intro / fill in, rhythm, bass, accompaniment, arpeggio, solo, orchestra), melody record (495 notes x 2)

Volume: rhythm, bass, arpeggio, rhythm accomp, accomp, orchestra, solo, master volume
Pan Pot Mixer (Effect Send / Stereo Pan): bass, rhythm accomp/arpeggio, accomp, orchestra, solo

Back panel: AC in, AUX OUT R/L, AUX IN R/L, expression pedal, foot switch, headphones, MIC IN, MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, MIDI thru, Guitar Strumboard, MIC Volume, Main Pitch, Solo Pitch, Voltage selector

Power Supply: AC 120/220/240 V switchable, 50/60 Hz

Amplifier Output: 4.0 W x 2

Speakers: 14 cm x 2

Weight: 11.3 kg

Dimensions: 950(W) x 104(H) x 330(D) mm

Power Consumption: 46 W

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