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 JVC KB-800 Sound Files
KB-800 Demo
Well as you can hear by this track my live playing skills are nothing special, but I think it does do a good job or showcasing the styles and patterns on the KB. The track was produced only with a KB-800 by playing it "live", there is no MIDI or outboard gear used, although I may have run it thought EQ, can't remember now.

Solo Synthe filter mod
It is possible to open the JVC and adjust trim pots.  Most of the sounds have a filter trim pot. The files below are some short examples of adjusting the Solo Synthe filter pot with a screw driver.  I've thought about installing knobs so these filter sweeps can always be accessed but I'll probably buy a second JVC if I do this, I don't want to hack up my precious KB-800!
WARNING!: Don't open up your keyboard unless you know what you are doing. Doing so can give you a serious or fatal electric shock.  You can die.



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